An unusual spring

It is incredible to look back on my last post from where we now find ourselves.  Of course, no one could foresee the pandemic and, here in the U.S., racial discord, but this has been one trying year in which to move and start new jobs.  However, we do consider ourselves fortunate in that we and our families remain healthy.  We hope that our readers are the same.

Like almost everywhere, the pandemic disrupted both our professional and personal lives, including the school routines of our children.  Self-isolation started with working long hours for our jobs and schools; the result of both trying to continue as “normal” while going fully online and, because we were now living in our “offices”, the lure of always getting work done.   After spending so much time behind the computer, Continue reading

Happy New Year!

And so another year comes to a close.  Not much bus time this year, hardly any at all in fact.  As we continue to get settled in New Hampshire, I hope this trend reverses!!  So my New Year’s resolution is to work harder in finding the time to continue the story within these posts. So many adventures on which to look forward!  I wish you all the happiest of new years!

Christmas tree bug pillow with lights! Courtesy of mom 🙂

Moby is going to a new home

Wait! What?!?  OK, OK, no need to worry, our dear old friend is not leaving us nor us her.  A new home awaits us all.  A few months ago, both my wife and I agreed to take on new jobs, a decision that requires us to relocate to New Hampshire.  As a Virginian for 15 years, two kids added in that time, the idea of moving is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Martha and I have missed a more relaxing quality of life since we left Montana to start our southern adventures.  While we searched for Montana-like places to exist, jobs and kids kept us stationary and put any readjustments to our environment on hold until retirement, or so we thought.  With two new Continue reading

Interior panels Part 10 (Final) – Panel dimensions and measurements

In the VW online community,  numerous requests for dimensions of the wood interior panels get posted.  Folks are not necessarily trying to replace their worn out, abused, water damaged, or absent panels with the original baltic birch plywood; luan and bamboo are popular choices too.  Whether one goes with original or not, making panels completely from scratch is a tough job.  For my project, I was luckily enough to have a complete, original set in good enough condition to serve as a pattern for replacements, but so many buses out there, it seems, are not so lucky.

I try to help when I can and have drawn and shipped several sets of paper templates made by taping sheets of butcher paper together and tracing Moby’s old panels. This is a task that requires a fair amount of time, taping, drawing, and shipping.  Shipping costs are not too bad, the high was about $15 for tube and shipping across the U.S.  After completing a template set a few months ago, a discussion popped up in a thread about the possibility of scanning templates so they could be emailed or downloaded.  Unfortunately, nobody had suggestions as to a source for a large scanner or how to Continue reading

Belts, pulleys, and generators, Oh my! (Generator woes)

A note before you read:  Moby does not have the original 38 amp bus generator.  At some point during her time with POs, a beetle, 30 amp, generator got installed.  I will make note of the differences within this post, but for now be aware that while the parts I reference here will be different than for a 38A generator, the overall procedures and tests are the same.

On to the post:

Three failed generator belts since 2015.  This first belt, the original installed after Moby arrived at our house, was a FLAPS Duralast brand belt with cogs on the underside and polyester cord added for reinforcement.  About 18 months after swapping out a generator with bad bearings, this belt abruptly failed, throwing pieces about the engine Continue reading

The VW Lego bus. Just. Got. Bigger!

Got six weeks of free time ahead of you?  Getting bored waiting for spring to arrive?  Or perhaps you finally finished all those little projects on your VW and are wondering what to do with yourself?  The solution?  A project assembling 400,000 Legos – an endeavor in which the whole family can partake!  Unfortunately, we are still awaiting the announcement of a sale date for this kit (lol).


A 1600cc VW workhorse…made from wood!!

I dabble in woodworking here and there, greatly enjoy visiting woodcraft shops, and would have yet another hobby if the space, time, and money existed. As such, in coming across this project last June and I was completely mesmerized.  This is no mere reproduction carved to resemble the infamous 1600, this work of art IS the engine (albeit one that will never roar to life).  The attention to detail is painstaking, the choice of woods thought through, and the end result will be…gorgeous.  I mean really! Those spark plugs!  Or check out the distributor!! Continue reading

Greeting cards with a VW

All my friends and family know that if they find something VW, especially a bus, related, it will make a great gift for me and that includes greeting cards.  I shared some of the gifts over the years and, since the giving season is upon us, thought I would do so with a few cards that came my way.

First up is a really neat VW bug birthday card from my sister.

A few years ago, my wife traveled over to England to speak at a conference.  During Continue reading