Making a day of it

My son recently joined a soaring club and is now working on his glider pilot license. The club flies out of Franconia, NH, which is about 40 minutes north of our hometown and on the other side of spectacular Franconia Notch – a place beloved by both tourist and native alike. Martha chose to stay home to get ahead (or maybe just stay on top) of a long list of chores so I was in charge of getting him up there for the day. After I asked my son if he would like to take the bus (like he had a choice), we jumped in and hit the road.

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Getting back to basics

Wow! A year to the day since my last post; not exactly meeting my blogging goals here. The past few years have been a little crazy to put it mildly. Moving to a new, temporary home, then finding one more permanent – all while adjusting, along with the family, to the newness of so many aspects of our life, and during a pandemic no less. Happily the family is thriving with new schools, jobs, and state. We have also managed to weather COVID fairly well. I spent to two years engrossed in a new job that eventually just did not take, so I started a company. Both of these left me with very little time for both blogging and VWing – poor Moby. That is not to say she was ignored, the trips were just shorter and more infrequent than before. She does sport a new muffler, probably the biggest project we recently completed – and a subject for a future post!

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Interior Panels: Printable Patterns – front door cards, between sink/sliding door, and rear hatch

This panel thread continues to evolve, all because of reader feedback and your help with correcting mistakes, so much so that I have come to think of it as a community thread at this point. It is absolutely fantastic! Our latest addition comes from Tom D, who is creating panel templates using Adobe Illustrator. Tom graciously offered to share his work with us and I am posting the first few files here. Click on the images below to download the .pdf version or click the caption to download the Illustrator file. Tom uses a large vinyl cutter to test the patterns before employing a CNC machine to cut the panels. A large plotter could also print the patterns to be used for DYI cutting of your own panels from birch plywood, so I think there is lots of flexibility with these patterns. I will continue to upload files as they arrive.


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Happy New Year!

Wow, the last year was such a crazy calamity of a year! 365 days ago, I thought the interruption of life by new jobs, new schools, and moving into a new home would be apparitions in the rearview mirror as we motored off to explore our new state. While the pandemic arrived with other plans, I am thankful that this family has, so far – knock on wood – remained healthy as I hope all your families continue to be as well.  I look forward to the day we are able to gather once more with family and friends, but for now the family behind this blog wishes you all the best and happiest of New Years!

An unusual spring

It is incredible to look back on my last post from where we now find ourselves.  Of course, no one could foresee the pandemic and, here in the U.S., racial discord, but this has been one trying year in which to move and start new jobs.  However, we do consider ourselves fortunate in that we and our families remain healthy.  We hope that our readers are the same.

Like almost everywhere, the pandemic disrupted both our professional and personal lives, including the school routines of our children.  Self-isolation started with working long hours for our jobs and schools; the result of both trying to continue as “normal” while going fully online and, because we were now living in our “offices”, the lure of always getting work done.   After spending so much time behind the computer, Continue reading

Happy New Year!

And so another year comes to a close.  Not much bus time this year, hardly any at all in fact.  As we continue to get settled in New Hampshire, I hope this trend reverses!!  So my New Year’s resolution is to work harder in finding the time to continue the story within these posts. So many adventures on which to look forward!  I wish you all the happiest of new years!

Christmas tree bug pillow with lights! Courtesy of mom 🙂

Moby is going to a new home

Wait! What?!?  OK, OK, no need to worry, our dear old friend is not leaving us nor us her.  A new home awaits us all.  A few months ago, both my wife and I agreed to take on new jobs, a decision that requires us to relocate to New Hampshire.  As a Virginian for 15 years, two kids added in that time, the idea of moving is both terrifying and exhilarating.

Martha and I have missed a more relaxing quality of life since we left Montana to start our southern adventures.  While we searched for Montana-like places to exist, jobs and kids kept us stationary and put any readjustments to our environment on hold until retirement, or so we thought.  With two new Continue reading