M-plate decoded

The M-plate, found on every air-cooled VW, provides details on the manufacture, shipping destination, and options for each vehicle.  Prior to the internet you could send a letter containing your VIN number to VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany for this information free of charge.  If you were lucky and knew someone who possessed, or possessed yourself, the official VW microfiche outlining all the codes found on the M-plates deciphering your M-plate was fairly easy.  Once the internet came around, access to the information on the microfiche became easier via listservs.  Today, you can still send a letter to VW and receive an official “birth certificate” for your VW, but the internet has made decoding M-plates easier than ever.  The link I posted under Technical Sites is one of the most popular pages for Type II VW M-plate information and the details pictured below for Moby’s M-plate came from this site.  (The Type II M-plate for early bays is located behind the driver’s seat and under the driver side dash on later buses)

Moby’s M-plate

Moby’s M-plate decoded (Click for larger image)


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