Bug-Out Manassas VA May 2011

Edit:  The Bug-Out is no longer held in Manassas, VA due to the Old Dominion Speedway closing shop.  Currently, the show is expected to be held at the Virginia Motorsports Park in Dinwiddie, VA (south of Richmond) in May 2018 and come to the Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, VA in September 2018.  See their website for details.

Original post:

Wow!  Two weeks since my last post!  Did not think it had been that long, but this is a hectic time of year for us with the kids still out of school and both my wife and I gearing up for the fall semester.  There is a lot of juggling going on now.  Needless to say Moby was not involved in any fun activities during that time, so I thought I would post a couple of pictures from our second (and final) VW show of the summer.

The Bug-Out is held at the Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, VA every Labor Day and Memorial Day weekend and has been a staple for me since Tom introduced me way back in 1989 or 90.  Never missed a show until my stint in Montana began in 2001. Martha and I took the kids to the show on Labor Day weekend 2010 when we were just beginning our bus search.  It was amazing how small and poorly attended the show had become!  The kids, however, loved the cars and my daughter, in particular, loved the racing!  For me, returning to the VW scene after ten years was fantastic, but what really got to me was the fact that I was now attending with my own family – especially my children.  I never thought sharing this hobby with them would be so powerful and wonderful.  The smiles were priceless – and all this without owning an old VW or them old enough to even drive!

Last May we decided to give the show another visit, after all it is extremely close to us and I need a nice source of parts now-a-days!  With the exception of new parts and VW paraphernalia vendors, attendance seemed to approach what I remember from long ago.  Used parts abounded, tons of show cars were on hand (though the number of 80’s and newer now out number the 70s and older VWs), and they held both the drag and slalom races.  Because that weekend ended up as the hottest of last spring we decided to enter Moby in the show, solely for the luxury of parking her in the middle of the show grounds. We ended up baking anyway but at least we did not have the half mile walk to the parking area.  We took the side tent as shelter from the sun, but found out it is not as breezy as we hoped. The kids suffered a bit in the heat and that meant we did not get to wander around as much as I would have liked, but they remained enthusiastic and excited about anything Volkswagen.  We ended up getting a VW matchbox car (a bus and new beetle) and t-shirt for each – they were big hits!

So here are the pictures of our setup.

The water table and 5 ga jug of water saved the kids, as well as a couple of other children wandering around.

We arrived too late to park on the grassy areas, so we were partially stuck on the road. Probably didn’t help with the heat.

The tent was a huge hit and surprisingly the only one. I expected at least two tents based on past experiences.

And yet annother surprise! I have two gapping holes in my front ceiling panel and did not expect this award at all. I think it was for the tent 🙂 Someday she might let me have both show awards back…. maybe


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