A tiny detail.

So when you hit a stretch where time is limited and large projects must wait, I suggest you look for the small, overlooked items on your to-do list (if they even made it that far!).  Back at the beginning of the summer, I pulled the curtain cup hook out of the closet or rather, I should say, it just about came out all by itself.  The threads were rusty to the point where they were no longer really threads anymore; a typical ailment due inclement weather entering the bus via the sliding door and jalousie windows.  I threw the rusty white hook in the Jetta’s ashtray (which should really be called the change holder) with the best intentions of finding a replacement, but after failing at a few junkyards and the big box home stores my attention became focused on other matters (like the dead transmission).  One day while out with my daughter running errands we ended up in a local, family run hardware store (the only one I know of for at least 50 mi) and happened across the picture hanging and related hardware.  While the big box stores carry cup hooks, they do not have a great variety.  Big hooks come in various colors, including white, and brass while the smaller hooks come in brass, red, yellow, and blue, but not white.  In fact, I could not even find 3/4 inch hooks at the box store; bigger and smaller where no problems.  But here standing in the aisle with my daughter looking through the tightly packed racks and shelves belonging to this wonderful purveyor of everything hardware hung, TWO packages of 3/4 inch cup hooks in white.  Gone are the days I may have found a single hook for sale, but I took what I could get and now have 5 hooks.  Now I am in search of four more buses to buy so I can use the extra hooks!  Of course I’ve never used this hook for anything but an occasional dish cloth dryer:)


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