Tranmission drain plug

Ever wonder what a magnetic drain plug on a transmission collects over 40 years?  This was my plug from the replacement transmission.  The magnet is designed to remove metal filings from the gear oil and keep them away from the gears, thereby reducing wear.  To my knowledge, it was the first time the plug was ever pulled  and the gear oil changed.  The original transmission (the one that broke) didn’t have a magnetic drain plug and I could see metal filings floating when the gear oil was placed in sunlight.

The long lines of metal on the top of the plug are comprised of microscopic metal filings pulled out of the gear oil by the magnetic tip.

Normal wear on this transmission – no metal chunks


One thought on “Tranmission drain plug

  1. For some reason I thought this was really neat. Something simple like having a magnetic drain plug can probably go a long way. Plus I thought the accompanying photos were neat 🙂

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