Some Really Cool VW History!!

I have spent most of my life reading anything that relates to history and probably would have headed down that road in college if the job prospects were better at the time.  Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a habit of holding onto anything old, valuable or not, usually just because it is, well, old!  I was very happy to find on a VW airplane engine forum a few days ago a website for a project called Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project, which focuses on preserving original VW technical manuals. Such a fantastic resource!!  I have sent along pdf copies of two manuals I obtained some time ago.  It is nice to know someone else out there is interested in saving old stuff!

Also in the realm of VW literature we have this little gem; the US War Dept Technical Manual for the “German Volkswagen” printed in 1944.  The vehicle, Type 82 and known as the Kübelwagen (bucket car), served as a major work horse for the German Army in WWII.  This is the original design on which the Type 181 or “Thing” was based.  Kudos go out to my wife Martha for finding this one!!


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