A little safety

OK, what I thought was over at work kept kicking and squirming and I ended up kicking it some more.  At this point, I can happily say it is officially over!!  If I ignore the work I need to catch up on, I can return to this blog and post my heart away.  How likely do think that will be?  Well at least I have a better shot at it now.

Tomorrow I head to the local boneyard.  Evidently, they picked up a couple buses last week and one is a 71.  Do not know if it is campmobile, but I could use a few generic parts anyway – starting with a sliding door handle (Allen – the bill will be in the mail:)  If all goes well, I’ll have a small stash of parts to bring home and some pictures for the blog).  Must mention that hitting boneyards is a lot of fun for me and what should be an hour or so long trip ends up lasting all day.  The last yard I hit had all kinds of beetles, squarebacks, buses and also a ton of cars/trucks/ambulances/firetrucks from the 1950s-70s.  What a fun day that was!!!

To prove I have not ignored Moby while you have anxiously awaited my next post, here are a few photos of a small project I undertook awhile back.  The PO never installed the seat belt for the jump seat, so I took the opportunity to clean behind the jump seat and check for any rust issues.  All checked out OK and the seat belt went in without a hitch.  You may notice I did not use the original belt but rather one that is supposed to go on the rear bench seat.   I did this because the original jump seat belt is retractable (oddly it is the only belt in the bus that is retractable).  The problem with the belt is that the retracter does not lock, so the person using the jump seat is never belted in very tightly.  All the other belts in the bus are manually adjusted (a PITA if different people are constantly switching seats) and, therefore, offer a tighter, and presumably safer, fit.  Unfortunately, this belt for the bench seat is a bit short restricting its use to only small or skinny people.  I’ll have to fix that at some point in the future.


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