A revelation and a bit of progress

When first contemplating writing a blog, I worried about having enough interesting material to post.  Believing that I needed massive projects or technical posts to keep a blog interesting, I never intended to create posts pertaining to the minutia of bus ownership.  Yet here I am, with a large list of meaty projects and very little time to work on them, writing another post focused on the small, and perhaps insignificant, tasks I have manage to wrap up here and there as I await a larger chunk of time to bite into something a little more post worthy.  This morning, after cleaning up some spare parts in the garage, frustration began to set in about the form this blog is taking.  What do others care about junkyards runs, family trips, ancient oil cans etc…?  But slowly, I began to realized that what I am trying to do here is record a story, not just the highlights – the big, complicated, glitzy projects with stupendous results or award winning consequences – but the little details too.  After all, it can be the little details that determine the difference in competition or even in just sitting and enjoying one’s own work!  Certainly, I have always enjoyed using the front seat belt hooks when the belts are not in use, yet I have almost never seen them in other buses – a difference in which I take a bit a of pride.  There is just a sense of personal satisfaction in getting these details right, regardless of whether anyone else notices them.  It is worrying about that point, what other people notice or care about, that made me lose track of what I would ultimately like to see this blog become – a recording of my family’s time with Moby; something to be enjoyed by us, as we live it and then over again far into the future.  Of course, while I hope others will find my writing interesting, fun, and perhaps even helpful, I realize it is not my primary purpose here.  So while reaching the form in my mind’s eye of what this blog should look like will take more time than I originally believed, I think ultimately these posts detailing the minutia of our life with a bus will make the blog more thoughtful, thorough, and representative of the story I want to tell.

Enough of that, let’s talk progress!!  First, on Friday, I returned to the junkyard and grabbed the transmission from the green and white 71.  Now I have two transmissions from which a future rebuilt transmission will rise.  Also heard a rumor that another bus is due in at the boneyard and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is a 68-71 with a good interior (or in the very least has a good jump seat, front rubber floor mat, icebox, and cockpit ceiling panel.

I have also neared completion in replacing the driver’s side window regulator.  It is in and working, but reassembling the door remains.  For that, I need to wait for my daughter as I promised her she could help.

Also, this morning we all headed over to the fabric store to pick out and order fabric for new curtains.  This is a project we have looked forward to since last year as we’ve never liked the late bay curtains currently in the bus.  It is also a project that Martha and I can tackle together more easily than some of the mechanical projects.

And finally, in a few spare moments I found at the beginning of October, I cleaned and installed some rear hatch curtain straps I found in my parts supply.  Moby did not have any when we brought her home.  Not a big complicated project, but one of those that makes me happy and Moby look good.  They are also a lot easier to use than the tying the curtains back with string!


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