A little help from a friend

Several great aspects of working on VWs are the friends (both old and new), people you meet in passing, and the various VW related events.  I could not tell you how many events I attended or the number of people met over the years but I can say that it all was a lot of fun and the people some of the friendliest and helpful I ever encountered.  The VW community is just that, a community.  Everyone willing to share, whether it is a story, a car part, or labor.

Over the last few months of trying to clean house, I have gone through old pictures of all the shows, caravans, hours spent keeping various VWs rolling, etc…. I pulled a bunch to scan and thought I would post a few here once in awhile.  This bunch includes a good friend with whom I grew up.   She got sucked into this hobby shortly after me when, in 1995, she picked up a nice ’71 Karmann Ghia convertible, which she still has and is still absolutely beautiful.  We do not get to ride or break out the wrenches together any more as we live too far apart and life has gotten in the way, but when we do get together you can be sure we check in for the latest news about our 4-wheeled companions!

Parting out Big Red

The new ride!

Tom’s yellow bus, my blue 71, and Monica’s ghia camped out for the Monrovia MD show!

NEATO caravan through Gettysburg battlefield. Those split window folks were sure nice to let us tag along!

My second chauffeur gig! This time driving Monica in her ghia.


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