“There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away”

My wife and daughter began a tradition of building and decorating Gingerbread houses many Christmases ago.  It’s a very nice tradition and I find it wonderful seeing everyone hunkered around the dining table, candy strewn everywhere.  I generally shied away from the activities, preferring instead to find some other little project.  That is until last year when my wife found and gave me a little cookbook.

The Original VW Cookbook, written by Steve and Susanne Rooker, is a collection of recipes designed for camping in a VW. What interested Martha was the gingerbread recipe.  Although not designed to be made in a VW bus while camping, this recipe has its own unique VW twist – it includes a pattern for a gingerbread bus!  What a great idea!!  Suddenly, I was a bit more interested in helping out with the gingerbread decorating.

As you look through the photos below, bear in mind that neither of us are particularly skilled bakers and this was our first attempt at such a project.  Also after spending a couple of days cooped up with two sick kids and a dog, we went a little wacko   You can be assured that we will try again this year but I will not promise different results!

Edit:  This post provides a nicely done slideshow of the carnage:  The Imperative of Audiencec

The devestation was tremendous!!

Martha just loves the smiling bystanders!

The cause of the carnage!

After we came to our senses and cleaned up we put the buses back together and let our daughter decorate them.


2 thoughts on ““There was a time that the pieces fit, but I watched them fall away”

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