Double ’67s

Wow, totally forgot about this post category!  Well, here are two ’67s we ran into at an apple festival way back in October.  The festival, held each year at Graves Mountain in Syria, VA, is a low key event with plenty of vendors, apples, and bluegrass.  These two VWs made me really wish we took Moby (I cannot remember why we left her behind).  I have always wanted a ’67 westy!!  Beautiful vehicles; it is always nice to see them on the road.


8 thoughts on “Double ’67s

    • Sounds like there is a story there! I’ve known beetles in which you could watch the road pass under you while sitting in them. Had to be careful when going through puddles 🙂

      • Yes, mine started like that. It had an underground view. 🙂

        I loved that car…even though it was old, it was cool to drive. I did drive it way too fast one time with some friends in the car and then it wouldn’t start for about an hour. I was 16 and panicked because I knew my parents would kill me.

    • Found your blog only a few days ago. Great read! And thanks for linking to mine 🙂 VW bus not starting when too hot: Happened to me a lot with a 1978 panel van when I just had bought it. Seems that a magnetic switch in the starter does not flip back to its normal position when the motor is so hot that the starter is too hot as well. Quick fix was to push-start the car (always worked) or to crawl under it and give the starter a good smack with a hammer (worked only ocvasionally). Real fix is to get a new starter.
      Von Samsung Mobile gesendet

      • Thanks! You’ve got some great posts too. I also had bad starters on my red and blue 71’s. Couldn’t tell you how many months I got around pushing starting, hitting the starters or shorting them out before they just plain quit. My friends thought I was nuts!

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