Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Saturday so I got the kids and the bus out for a bit of fun.  Though sitting in the garage over the last few months waiting for a little maintenance work, Moby managed to acquire quite a bit of grime and needed a bath.  With the kids bouncing around the back, we happily drove Moby around the house into the backyard; dragged out the bucket, soap, sponge, hose; and, of course, the ladder so we could reach the top.  The kids are at the age where anything that has to do with water requires their participation and while I washed, they sprayed any and everything (or anybody!) with water.  In the end we managed to end up with a very clean bus and a happy afternoon.  I then decided to take her out for an errand to the grocery store, no not the one a couple of miles away but rather the one twenty miles away!  I tuned the engine, replaced the CHT sensor, and replaced the fuel lines a few weeks ago so it felt good to get her out again and shake out the cobwebs.  I think she is all set for the adventures that await!



3 thoughts on “Washed!

  1. She sure is beautiful. 🙂 I enjoyed watching the wash from afar. It needs to be about 15 degrees warmer before I let anyone spray me with a hose.

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