Planes and Volkswagens!

Last Sunday we went to VW Flight 11, a VW show hosted by a local club.  This show is a little extra special because it is held at a small airport that serves as the home for a weekly airshow.  I first attended the airshow during college and ever since have recommended it for anyone looking for something to do in the area and family when they come visit.  The kids always have a great time and the VWs make it just that much better.  Every year, in conjunction with the first airshow of the season,  the VW Cruisers host their camp out and car show; this year they hauled in a huge inflatable movie screen and watched Herbie movies the night before.  Unfortunately due to my daughter’s birthday party, we did not make it for the movies but I hear a good time was had by all. The show, perhaps 10 miles from our house, is more of a social event than show; a very laid back affair where one can meet all the other VW owners and swap stories without getting lost in a sea of cars and vendors.


2 thoughts on “Planes and Volkswagens!

  1. Monica, My first thought after “where is my daughter, she’ll love painting this bus” Was “Monica would love this too!” Keep it in mind for next may as they plan on bringing in another bus “canvas”. I think you need that tent too!

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