Rent a VW Bus

A friend of mine sent me this today.  I always thought renting a bus in a foreign land sounded like a great vacation idea.  Campervan Crazy’s blog posts detailing his family’s tour of New Zealand in a rented bus make it look like so much fun.  The pictures are fantastic (make sure you check out all the posts!). Evidently, there are a couple of bus rental places down there.

* Edit:  I started collecting VW bus rental websites under the links to the right.  If you know one, please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Rent a VW Bus

  1. There are Old School Campers in Florida for rent and two other companies in California and one in Hawaii I found and another in the UK…I had this crazy idea of renting buses out…

    • Thanks! If you have their websites, I’ll post the info in my links section. What happened to your idea? I think I’d be too protective of my rental buses If I tried to open a business like that.

      • Sure…but I only have contacted the Florida guy,but not have rented from him… (cool Riveria models on website) (found these folks on Facebook)

        here’s a fun video from Vintage SURFari Wagons

        One you get them nice (paint, multiple part orders & waiting, rebuild motor, clean gas tanks, electricals working, new carb, brakes, tires)…you really want to rent them to people who might not even know how to drive a manual for a few dollars ? Would it turn into a job of constant maintenance of the fleet ? I still may try it. My 71 Transporter is 98% done.

      • Thanks. I’m trying to keep a list in my links section of possible options for those interested in renting buses world-wide. I’ll let the web sort out the better companies. I can certainly see the issues with renting these older cars, especially as they and their parts become more rare. And no, I would not let just anyone drive a restored bus – probably not the best business model out there. 🙂

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