Bus campout

Drove down to Natural Bus this past weekend for some camping with buses and their owners.  The event, held near Natural Bridge, VA,  is organized by a bunch of people from the Full Moon Bus Club and supports the Ronald McDonald House with a bus raffle.  The 3.5 hour drive down was wonderful and only the second time Moby ventured that far from home.  She did lose oil pressure about three quarters of the way down but luckily it was not severe and held steady for the remainder of the trip.  Guess I will be doing a little troubleshooting this week!  I did not get a full count of how many buses attended but my best guess puts the number around 50 or so.  The group ended up spread out over the camping area so getting to meet everyone and see all the buses took a little work.  As always with a bus event, the people were extremely friendly and ready for bus talk!  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I was so busy that I did not even snap one picture!!  But I did get one of Natural Bridge on the way home; a really beautiful place.  All in all a very relaxing weekend trip!


Edit:  See some pictures on this thread

Natural Bridge VA.


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