More parts!

For those of you who remember this post, the epoxy repair is holding up nicely and hopefully will continue to do so.  But I have kept my eye open for a nice unbroken interior plastic door handle for when the kids get old enough to stop tormenting bus parts and start treating them with the dignity their age deserves.  Although the the handles are tough to come buy, I did see a few but they were fairly pricey.  Finally found this complete sliding door handle set for a smidgen over half the price for the most plastic handles alone.  I could not resist despite the fact that I have two other complete handle sets minus the interior handles.  Anyone in need of an exterior handle, striker plate, or cover?

Also, after several failed attempts, I finally got a new water tank filler pipe (these things are in demand!!) to replace the one my son broke on our first camping trip with Moby.  I will put this part in sometime this summer, probably during installation of the new curtains (still in progress) and new rear seat hinges.


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