I lost count (Lego bus)

Last fall my daughter and I began a joint project assembling the Lego VW bus.  It was (and still is) wonderful to share such a project with her as we spent our Sundays searching and assembling in front of football games (another shared past time).  I kept track of the number of legos used during each period of construction and how many remained out of the original 1332 pieces to include in blog titles.  At the time, it was fun to keep track of our progress and I assumed a rapid decline in the remaining pieces as we moved forward each weekend.  Around December, my daughter, after deciding that two was excessive and production would proceed more efficiently and with much less interference, reduced the labor force by one, me. No matter, I was quite happy sitting beside her watching football whilst she slaved away under deplorable factory conditions (would a decent factory manager have served their staff hot chocolate and animals crackers!) and long assembly lines. At this point, I offered advice when asked.and completely lost track of the lego count! Then football season ended and she lost interest in the project despite my encouragement, more animal crackers, and offers of my returning to the factory floor.  It seemed that completion of the bus would wait until next football season.

Today, however, as my daughter began an interim week between school and summer camp she decided to revisit this project and push forward in total disregard of dusty lego piles.  While I accomplished some of my own progress in the way of household chores, she slaved away for three hours or so before calling it quits.  I still get to help out once in awhile but I also enjoy watching her tackle this project on her own.  .


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