Electric Ghia

Really cool electric Ghia for sale on The Samba!  Even so, it would take many years (around 8) for me to recoup the cost in gas savings at current prices and commute distance and I would definitely miss the roaring flat four drowning out the radio.  I wonder how much the the drivetrain was modified for this setup.  Interesting to note the upgrade to disc brakes all around.

Ad text:
1970 GHIA 100% Electric or Not?   Price: $21000 100% electric conversion, very fast very fun. 100 miles on a charge. Please call for more details. 3 prices available.
Complete $21,000.00 (OBO)
Without batteries $12,000.00 (OBO)
Car only no motor no fuel tank with new wheels & tires and 4 wheel disc brakes.

Update:  It appears that the original images for this Ghia no longer work, so I’m posting some links about the subject of electric conversions for those interested



EV west

1971 Karmann Ghia electric car conversion







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