A little plaid…. Part 2 (New curtains)

Back in December I posted a photo of the fabric which will serve as new bus curtains.  Initially, I thought I would wait until project completion to post procedures and results but given the time this is taking (free time around here is as common as a pink elephant) and number of pictures accumulating, multiple posts may prove the better option.  Over the next few weeks, I will play a little catch up and post details as they developed since the  project began last April.  Hopefully, they will help anyone who might consider making new curtains.

Although the late 70’s model yellow curtains installed by the PO function well in the privacy department, they were designed for a different curtain system than what is found in the early bay window models.  The front curtain also lacks the two front slots which allow the child’s cot rails to pass through and connect with the rail holders mounted on either side of the windshield and, as a result, always looks messy.  Having curtains that are better compliments for Moby’s color scheme will also be nice as I have not really cared for the current color.

This instructables proved very helpful for initial measurements and determining how much fabric to buy but because these instructions focus on a late model bay window, measuring Moby and current curtains were essential for establishing final sizes for the new ones.  Measure twice, cut once as they say!  Even with a bit a research to figure out what worked or did not for others who ventured forth with their own curtains, many mistakes found their way into this project, though nothing that required major alterations (so far!).  But more on those later.  Here is where it all started.

Materials and measurements:

Total material: 7 yards of 57 inch wide fabric of your choice.
6- screw/snaps – 3/8-inch (10 mm) for fastening front curtain in bus
3 (minimum) sew on snaps for attaching curtains together when drawn (6 might be better but have not gotten to that point yet)
Fabric glue to hold material in place while sewing (was necessary to help hold fabric pattern in line during hemming; not needed for solid color fabrics or non-linear patterns)
2 spools complimentary colored thread
1 spool embroidery or heavy duty thread for attaching sliders to sliding door curtain
Pinking shears (fabric dependent)

Final curtain dimensions: (length x width)  For aesthetic reasons, lengths are a couple of inches long to allow for some gathering in the curtain when drawn closed in the bus.
Front: 119 x 20 inches
Rear hatch: 28 x 16 inches  (need two)
Driver’s side rear: 28 x 20 inches (need two)
Driver’s side louvered windows: 28 x 20 inches (need two)
Sliding door: 60 x 20 inches
8 curtains total

Rough dimensions (with 2-inches added for hems):

Rough curtain patterns drawn to scale and laid out on 7 yds of fabric (includes two inches on all sides for hems). White area on right is extra fabric.

Two 24-inch wide by 192-inch long strips are cut out of the fabric ream.

Each strip is the width of the curtains (24 inches). Lengths for each curtain cut appropriately down the strip per layout.

When laying out the curtains for this particular material, careful note of pattern orientation was made.  All pattern lines should run even with curtain edges, hem stitching, and window edges.  In addition, all curtains should maintain the same pattern orientation when installed.

All curtains cut, labeled, and ready for hemming.

Link to project thread


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