A little plaid… Part 5 (front curtain)

The front curtain is proving the most challenging of the set and this post only covers the first half of its progress.  The curtain measurements shown in Part 2 are not the same as the original because I did not want to use elastic along the top.  My decision to forego the elastic came from the facts that elastic tends to wear out and that fabric tension between the front two snaps proved sufficient in the reproduction curtains I used in the past.  Theoretically, eliminating the elastic should simplify curtain design but it turns out it actually ends up complicating matters if you intend to use the front child’s cot (something I never did when using my previous repro curtains).   Part 6 of this thread will outline these issues which have yet to be tackled.  In hindsight, making a front curtain modeled directly from the original complete with elastic for use with the cot might be the better bet but we will see…

The curtain was hemmed using the same method for all the curtains outlined in Part 3.  The top and bottom were hemmed first followed by the passenger side.  To allow for a more accurate fit and appropriate tension across the front, the driver side hem was left for after the installation of passenger side and front snaps.  As a starting point for the snaps, the passenger side rear snaps went in first…

Link to project thread

Any fabric or hardware store carries the necessary snaps for the front curtains.

The snap kit came with snap bottoms, tops, punch for peening the snap together, and a plastic block.

The top of the snap fits into the little plastic block for protection while peening the center shaft to bind the bottom snap half.

Installing snaps step 1: Make a hole for the snap shaft. I used an awl but any thin pointy object should suffice.

Installing snaps step 2: Push the shaft on the snap top through the hole.

Installing snaps step 3: Put the snap top in the plastic block.

Installing snaps step 4: Place the snap bottom over the shaft and hold in place.

Installing snaps step 5: Peen snap shaft to bind snap bottom and top together.

Installing snaps step 6: Make sure peen is holding the snap together and will not fail when you unsnap the curtain from the bus.

Snap top.

Instead of measuring the distance between snaps fitted in the bus, the back passenger snap was installed, curtain pulled tightly, and front corner snap location marked. Do not pull too tightly or the snaps will keep popping when the curtain is in use.

Marking the driver side front snap location. After installing this snap, the driver side back snap location was marked, the curtain cut to appropriate length and hemmed. Then the remaining two driver side rear snaps were installed.

Passenger side

Driver side.  For those of you not using the front child’s cot, congrats – you are done.  Now finish the rest of the curtains!  For those of you wanting to use the cot, stay tuned for Part 6!!


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