A lego surprise!

When I came home from work yesterday, I discovered my daughter put her day off from school to good use.  With great excitement she led me into the family room and pulled a doll’s blanket off “a surprise” she had waiting for me – a completed lego bus!  True to her word about finishing this project before the one year anniversary of the kit’s arrival at our home, she made it with a couple of days to spare and she just beamed with pride over her accomplishment.  I am a proud Papa!


5 thoughts on “A lego surprise!

  1. Superb ! I had seen this advertised but hadn’t seen any pictures up close – it’s so detailed. Our house is full of lego too (mainly Star Wars) but maybe a bus will be next. I dare say your daughter had a more productive day at home building the model than she might have had at school ?!

    • I think any house with a stand-by supply of legos needs the bus!! The details are amazing, even where you can’t see them after assembly. I am a little tired of vacuuming up legos tho 🙂 Yes, I’d say she definitely had a more productive day.

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