A little plaid… Part 7 (hatch door curtains)

After a few busy weeks putting the finishing touches on our bathroom renovation, I sat down this weekend to enjoy some afternoon tea and…sew (doesn’t everyone sew during tea time?).  The result?  Not only do we have a finished bathroom but this project is six steps closer to completion.  

As expected, these six curtains (two hatch and four covering the windows on the driver’s side) progressed fairly easily because they were essentially hemmed like all the previous curtains; the minor changes are noted in the photos (this post covers the hatch curtains only as I have not installed the others at posting time).  While I hemmed, Martha manned the sewing machine after which I sewed on the snaps – a task made much more difficult by my old eyes but I managed not to stab myself in abundance.  Only one curtain remains, the one behind the closet, which will wait until I take the bus off the road for the winter, i.e. they salt the roads.

Link to project thread

For these curtains, the side hems must be sewn first (normal 1-inch double hems). This allows for the top hems (and bottom for the hatch curtains) to remain open for the curtain rails to pass through. The size increased for the top (and hatch bottom) to 1 1/4-inches achieved by folding the material 3/4-inch and then again for 1 1/4 inches. The extra room is for the curtain rails.  I love the distortion of this shot because it makes the curtain seem very tall.

Top hem showing opening for curtain rails.

Dowl inserted into curtain to make sure the opening is clear across the curtain.

Sew-on snaps, available at any store carrying sewing materials, prove a much stronger option than press-on versions.  I chose the medium size (center two rows) in black.

Snap – remember to sew these in right-side up!! I ripped out two after forgetting this little tid bit.

Using a patterned fabric turned out to be a really big help, not only for hemming purposes but for aligning the snaps on each curtain. Remember one curtain needs the snaps sewn on the opposite side of the hem (left curtain here).

Hatch curtain rail with curtain installed.

The curtain strap gets sandwiched between the curtain and bus to keep tension on the curtain when drawn. Screw snap passes through the material and strap.

Strap (behind curtain) installed. Be careful not to install the strap backwards – it will not snap.

Hatch curtains installed and snapped.

Hatch curtains installed and snapped; hatch down.

Hatch curtains installed and snapped; inside view.

I turned the bus upside-down for this shot 🙂

Strapped out of the way when not in use.

Strapped out of the way when not in use.

Strapped out of the way when not in use; inside view.


2 thoughts on “A little plaid… Part 7 (hatch door curtains)

    • Thanks! I happy to finally replace the late model yellow curtains. The rails are original for the early models. I want to say I saw some similar rails while searching for a block screw for the sliding door curtain. I’d be happy to keep watch for a set over here when you get closer to the project.

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