Yahoo! A bus email theme!

Earlier today, I logged into my Yahoo! email to find that the never-ending tinkering by web designers yet again up-ended my sense of normalcy. They had ruined my morning email session by forcing me to accept change long before I could accept the facts that I was at work and the fun-filled camping weekend with family and Moby was set in the annals of history.  For distraction, I turned to tasks at hand, which for the next two weeks mostly revolve around tormenting students via exams.  It was not until late in the day, when I returned to retrieve my electronic mail, that I discovered a surprise that immediately reversed my earlier misgivings concerning the perpetual modification of what I have come to consider as my personal emailverse (couldn’t they at least get my opinion before they hide the links I use most often and re-sort all my categories????).  This revelation came in the form of an email from my friend Tom in which he commended the new email theme option, a development I failed to see in my first and second encounters with the metamorphosed site.  So why the praise and my change of heart?  Turns out one can now have camper van road trip backdrop on their email page….

EDIT:  Photo credit for the Yahoo theme picture below needs to go to Peter Alau who kindly sent a link to his Flickr page and additional pictures from his road trip in Colorado.  See them here.  Thanks Peter.

All I can say is that change does have its positive moments now and again.


3 thoughts on “Yahoo! A bus email theme!

    • It’s very cool they chose your trip photo Peter! That’s a beautiful bus you drive!! Where was this taken in CO? Do you know how Yahoo found you or why they chose a bus theme? Thanks for the album link; your other pictures are pretty nice too, in particular the banner image of your bus by the picnic table. Looks like you had a great trip. I’ve added photo credit and the links in the original post. Thanks for commenting!

  1. My Pleasure. That’s on Hwy 128, in Utah, just outside of Castle Creek.

    I think the curator at yahoo was just looking around and came across mine. They contacted me and asked for permission, I had no idea that it was for something this big and popular.

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