Another bus is saved!

I like to see our beloved VWs saved by any manner, especially by those who appreciate them. This is a nice story sent to me about such a case.  Looks like this bus found (because it always the bus that does the finding) a great new family.  Thanks Susan for sending the linkSlideshow, click here.

Photo: NY Times


2 thoughts on “Another bus is saved!

  1. That article is all kinds of awesome. I love that the kid was obsessed with it and kept badgering the guy to let him have it, how he was out there with the Windex and steel wool, and how the skeptical mom now considers it a “family treasure.” And then this:

    “At stop signs, people flash the peace sign. It’s the happiest car on the road.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Monica. Cool story indeed. I like the kid’s passion and determination, it’s the quintessential VW rescue story. I’m a little disappointed the article was more about Mom and her thoughts tho.

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