The miniature Lego VW bus

I received this little Lego Creator set as a gift over the weekend from family that lives overseas.  After a quick search of on, I was oddly unsuccessful at finding this particular set.  Perhaps it is not available in the states yet as I have not seen any references on the various VW sites I continually peruse. Very cool that Lego is continuing their VW sets and would love to see them expand into models beyond beetles and buses (hear that Lego?!).

Edit:  Turns out this was a promotional kit; given away for free with certain purchases.  Here’s to hoping they decided to offer it independently someday!


Officially licensed even!


Much smaller cache of parts and shorter instructions than with the larger model.


Not quite as detailed either, but still tons of fun!



Somehow I still did not get to put it together myself! Took her all of 10 minutes.


2 thoughts on “The miniature Lego VW bus

    • I guess the promo is over, which is why I didn’t see any references to it online. Bummer, it is a neat little set and would have made a great stocking stuffer, especially for the busless person we know. Thanks for the info!!

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