Good things come to those who wait

Even if you do not know you are waiting for something.  So it was with a little gift that took a bit longer to arrive than expected.  No worries though- this gift deserves its own spotlight.

The backstory:  Evidently, I have spent some time complaining about wines charms, the little ornaments attached to wine (or any other) glass so as to identify the glass as one’s own.  I am sure we have all been in the situation,at a party or other social gathering, when we put our glass down for a bit only to have it lost in a collection of abandoned glasses.  These pub dangles, as they are also known, eliminate this issue by making each glass identifiable, e.g., “my glass has the little cork, wine bottle, or yellow flower”.  Of course, there is the small challenge of remembering one’s little charm as the evening wears on, but that is an entirely different problem.

Back to my complaining. My wife and I like to entertain on occasion and have a nice collection of glass charms.  I tend to prefer the little delicate ones, such as a tiny cork screw, shaker, grapes, martini glass, etc…  We also have some nicely hand-crafted acorn dangles made out of wool and other materials.  There are also the large rubberized flower charms that are simply not to my taste.  I suppose I must have made this known on several shopping occasions as they proliferate the stores while the charms I prefer tend to be scarce.  Perhaps I mentioned it once, maybe twice, at home as well.  Turns out someone was listening!

This past Christmas, Martha set out to find a set of glass charms which would better suit me; more over she wanted them to be special.  Her task was not as straight forward as she originally hoped and eventually the endeavor turned to one of buying components and fashioning the decorations herself.  She looked at earrings, beads, bracelet charms, and other such sources for parts to scavenge and reassemble, but inevitably these options lacked the diversity of color, object shape, or other characteristics needed for a set of multiple, individualized glassware identifiers.  Yet she did not give up, and continued to search the world (made easier with the internet) until she stumbled on a vendor in the U.K..  The vendor, Bad Cat Design, handcrafts a lot of different ornament types with various themes, and while pub charms are not in the standard inventory, they were perfectly happy to create a set of six glass charms.  Why did the work of this vendor fit Martha’s criteria?  The Volkswagens of course!!  I already posted a photo of the tree ornament in an earlier post.  Now here are the wine charms.  Thanks Martha!


Not only do they come in different colors, they come as split or bay windows! How awesome is that! But that isn’t all….


…they have GLOW IN THE DARK HEADLIGHTS!!! So if you find yourself at our home, having a merry time socializing, and the lights go out, do not fret, you will still be able to find your glass 🙂  (Tree ornament headlights are on the right)


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