Our new split-window single cab

Sometimes one finds unusual things when not really looking for them.  Case in point is our new VW.  We found it last month while rummaging through a small village of vendors hocking everything related to the American Civil War and black powder shooting – the most unlikely of places for such a VW related item.  I just happened to look above a shelf holding boxes of Union belt buckles and there I was, face-to-face with a red-bottomed, white-topped, tin split-window single cab wearing an appropriate coat of grime for a vehicle her age. Was it just chance I looked up?? Of course not, she called my name  🙂

The tag and construction both declare “handmade”, but little else is known about its history.   After poking around the internet and some forums, I found many different versions of both buses and beetles.  None of the descriptions have offered a hint at time or place of manufacturer, but they do seem to be more prevalent on Australian and UK websites. Although this single cab has no markings, I was told some are stamped “China”, but that may not be true for all of these tin models.  She looks great sitting in our living room and every time I pick her up, I notice something new.

_DSC0066-small _DSC0064-small _DSC0067-small


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