VW Lego creations (a possible official single cab kit!?)

A while back I posted about a Lego double cab created by modifying the official Lego split-window camper kit.  Thanks to social media outlets, I discovered that Lego developed a program that allows plastic brick aficionados to submit their unique creations for public viewing; it is called Lego Ideas.  However, they do not stop there!  The general population can vote on each idea and with 10,000 votes, Lego will consider turning the creation into an official kit.  Pretty cool, especially with this single cab idea or a VW garage! Click around the for more details and photos of the project or you can visit Andrea Lattanzio’s Flickr page for photos of this and other bus creations (I am particularly impressed by the Lego Pisten-Bulli). Do not forget to give your support to the Lego Idea creation if you are so inclined!

A couple of linked photos to the Flickr page.

VW T1 Snowcat Adventuremobile

Oldtimer Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles)


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