New front floor mats

The PO installed very nice reproduction floor mats in Moby before we bought her.  The rubber is a heavy gauge, very flexible, and has not shown any indication of drying out or cracking over the years.   The walk-tru mat, however, was cut a bit wide causing a slight buckling towards the rear of the mat.  Not a huge problem by any means, and one easily solved by trimming the mat, but I never got the chance.  I found an original walk-thru mat in good shape on a trip to a junkyard and a few months later, stumbled upon an original front floor mat for sale.  They turned out to be perfect additions to compliment all the other interior upgrades.

A shot of the reproduction mat that came with our bus.  The smaller square mats are a year older than Moby, having come out of my father's 1970 Squareback.  They've lived in every car I've driven.

A shot of the reproduction mat that came with our bus. The fit was great and aside form a few small details, looked just like an original mat.  The two smaller, square mats are generic Rubber Maid car mats.   Having come out of my father’s 1970 Squareback, they are a year older than the bus. My father gave them to me when I put my first car on the road and these mats have lived in every car I’ve driven since.

Reproduction out of bus

This is the reproduction front floor mat.  The most significant difference from OG is the lack of the cup around the gear shift hole.  Not a big deal, but I do think the cup provides a nicer, finished look.


The underside of the mat has the same structure as the originals.  This is really a nice, heavy gauge rubber mat.  A lot of the repros I’ve seen are much thinner than VW’s and tend to crack within a few years.


I took this for those interested in who made the mat.  In addition to my experiences, I’ve heard good things about these mats.  Not positive, but I think these now have the shifter cup on them.

OG mat purchased online

The original mat I purchased from a company that refurbishes bus interiors.  After 40+ years, a lot of these mats are dry-rotted and cracked.  In fact, I’ve only seen a handful for sale over the years and most of these weren’t worth the effort to swap with the one in Moby.  This was by far the best condition I’ve seen with only a small crack between the stick-shift and E-brake holes, a tiny bit of dry-rot, and some wear under the driver’s feet.

clean og mat

A little soap, water, scrub brush, and elbow grease later…

og mat installed

OG mat installed.

repor walk thru

The reproduction walk-thru mat was a bit too wide for the space between the seats and buckled at the back, near the heater vents.

og walk thru

My junkyard find.

heater channel frame

The heater vent bracket must be removed to take out the walk-thru mat.

wired brushed

Since it was I out, I figured it could use a little cleaning up with a wire brush.


And a little paint.

all clean

It’s amazing what soap and a little scrubbing can do!


Mat and vent cover installed – no wrinkles.

better viuew

Better view of the walk-thru passageway.


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