VW T-shirts #3 (and the number 200)

With this post, Zero to Sixty… Eventually marks a milestone – post number 200!  At four and half years old, I am not sure if we reached 200 posts quickly, slowly, on time, or even if this is an accomplishment, but the number 200 just feels special.

On that note, two T-shirts seem most fitting for today’s write-up.  Both of these shirts were among the first VW-related shirts I purchased waaaay back when I got started in this hobby.  Somehow, despite the constant use that destroyed their brethren, they still survive (although Martha will surely argue they should have been put to rest long ago!).




I guess I should have ironed them for the sake of presentation, but….oh well. Note the grease stain to the right of the bus image. A mark of love from a bus long ago!


One of a handful of Grateful Dead themed shirts I collected at the time.


Aptly stated!


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