VW Swag

Over the past few months, between birthdays and holidays, we managed to receive quite a few Volkswagen-themed gifts.  It is nice to know we have a reputation among friends and family and also that they think of us whenever they come upon anything VW-related.  Of course, we (my wife and I) perpetuate the VW-love affair when it comes to the children 🙂

VW stuff (15)-small

One of my favorite birthday gifts this year – a model of a 1962 VW firetruck I received from my brother-in-law’s family.

VW stuff (16)-small

This model is very well done, with an eye for detail

VW stuff (17)-small

For Christmas, my sister gave me this print of Volkswagens arriving at the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland during the year 1956. How many different models can you find?

VW stuff (6)-small

My In-laws found this USB Bus thumb drive. Very cool! Hoping it’s a bit faster then the real thing.

VW stuff (7)-smallVW stuff (8)-small

VW stuff (5)-small

Jagermeister bus model!! Found by Martha for Christmas, I now have a few models to put together when the kids move out 🙂

VW stuff (4)-small


This puzzle came from Martha for my birthday. Looking forward to a bad weather weekend to tackle this!


VW stuff (9)-small

Martha found this for $5 on the discount rack at Marshall’s of all places. Definitely worth the price and I just love the stereotypical hippy and herb theme

VW stuff (10)-small

Comes with a lid and silicon seals for uses other than as an herb planter

VW stuff (20)-small

Cookie Jar or herb planter

VW stuff (13)-small

Martha also discovered this awesome bus key chain while surfing online

VW stuff (14)-small

It even lights up!!

VW stuff (12)-small

My son’s teacher evidently has learned what vehicles this family likes and gave him this off-road bug for the holidays

VW stuff (1)-small

I found this lunch box for my son this holiday season. It’s a bit narrow, but works well.

VW stuff (2)-small

VW stuff (3)-small

Nice surfboard on top

VW stuff (11)-small

Martha and I found this towel at a shop in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. The owner said they used to have ones with buses – you can be sure we’ll be back to check for them.

VW stuff (19)-small

A Christmas gift for my son from his Grandparents

VW stuff (18)-small

My son lucked out this year – two shirts!

VW stuff (21)-small

Can’t leave out the 2016 Camper Calendar – thanks Monica

VW stuff (22)-small



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