Inside our little flat-4 engines

This animation, in one form or another, has circulated around social media for quite some time at this point.  Yet still, I find it worthwhile to pass along for a couple of reasons:  The video does an excellent job of illustrating the basic mechanical relationships and functions that exist within our purring 4-cylinder engines – both at idle and higher rpms.  Whenever I sit behind, quietly watching, Moby’s engine, I always found myself imagining this very process (in fact that is true for any VW I worked on over the years), and the fact that someone thought to capture it all in video form is just cool.  Plus, the soundtrack is not too bad either – there is nothing quite like the sound of an old VW engine.  I find the unique resonance exudes a certain measure of nostalgia for time spent cruising the roads, playing mechanic, as well as a subliminal calming affect after, lets say, a staff meeting. Think me crazy or not, please enjoy this neat little video.



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