VW Flight 15 car show (and some camping)

A few weeks ago my daughter celebrated her birthday by inviting a few friends over to spend the night.  In the interest of everyone’s happiness, I loaded my son into Moby and we got ourselves out of the way.  As luck would have it, the local VW club (VW Cruisers) was hosting their annual show in Bealton, VA.  Quite some time has past (3 years in fact!) since we last attended – that was VW Flight 12.  Our absence was mostly due to conflicts with other events, so, with a free weekend, I thought this was a perfect time for a revisit to see what was new.

Past versions of this show were held on Sunday, after a night of camping, and accompanied the Flying Circus airshow.  Typically, it was a small event, mostly local club cars with a spattering of regional VWs and one or two long distance attendees.  The vendor area tended to be small, but the camaraderie abundant.  Lots of raffles, prizes, good looking VWs, and an airshow included in the entry fee.  VW-related movies played at night for those camping and good times were had by all.

Currently, the VW Flight is held on Saturday and no longer includes the airshow.  However, camping is now post car show and, for those interested, the airshow is still open on Sunday (now a separate fee).  The affair is still a small event, but retains the friendliness and inclusion of the earlier versions. The vendor area has expanded, albeit not by much, but I would rather have a show like this grow slowly rather than exponentially and risk falling apart.  While I might not drive a few hours for this event, it still makes for a great local destination and place to kill a few hours.

My son and I chose not to stay the night, since we had grand designs on activities for the next day, and instead headed to a campground owned by a national conservation group to which I belong.  The evening provided some really heavy thunderstorms for us, but we managed to stay dry and cozy.  The whole twenty-four hours turned out to be a great time and resulted in some father/son bonding.



Moby all lined up with the rest of ’em


A ’73 Riviera sporting a fun paint scheme.


The ceiling panels in the Riviera are really cool – I have no idea if they are original or not, but they look good.


Back corner of a ’70 double cab.


A Karmann Ghia and bug always provide a nice backdrop for a selfie.


The sign in front of this ’72 boasts of two around the world trips. Pretty sure this is a UK-based Danbury camper conversion.


Had to include this zebra striped off-road buggy to match my earlier zebra striped bus post.


The prize of the show. 1964 Deluxe.


A beautiful restoration from Cooker’s Restoration in Maryland.


Moby in camping mode, just after the first storm passed through.


Snug as a bug while I braved rain drops to whip up some dinner.



4 thoughts on “VW Flight 15 car show (and some camping)

  1. Cool. That Riviera headliner is probably not original. I saw one in Michigan last weekend and it was a one owner camper, and it was white and bus was white. That wood looks good, but it looks like wainscoting from a big box store…dudes I knew with a 65 bus used it and the whole nose of the bus was held on by pop rivets back in the day !!

    • Thanks for the info. I swear I’ve seen that paneling on other bus ceilings as well. Looks like a good option for replacements. Pop rivets? Must have looked like an airplane!

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