Getting away once more to Assateague Island, Maryland

The last few months turned out fairly crazy with many things on the to-do list (both fun and otherwise).  To top off the busy schedule, my laptop once again died. Although I lost no data or pictures this time, I am still incredibly surprised at the amount of time it takes to bring a new beast online and make it functional with all the software and such.   With that thankless task in progress numerous posts in waiting began to pile up.  To catch up with these, I will begin with last week’s adventures to Assateague Island State Park located within the state of Maryland.

Every few years a group of our friends manages to coordinate a joint trip to this coastal location and this summer, we made our third trip – the first in 2011 and the second in 2013.  This year we had a very severe thunderstorm roll through that provided some spectacular cloud formations, displays of lightning, and a cacophony of thunder.  The ponies, of course, made their presence known and we had a surprising number of VW encounters.  Unfortunately, all but two of the latter occurred with the camera safely stowed for transport, so there is a lack of documented proof of the 1967 single cab with the perfect patina that drove up for a chat while I refilled Moby’s gas tank; the tan, late-model bay window westfalia that cruised through the campgrounds; or the bus and beetle headed down the highway in the opposite direction.  However, we were well prepared when we meet RC, a fellow Full Moon Bus Club member who camped in the adjacent loop during our time on the island.

The only fly in the ointment, so to speak, was a flat front tire incurred about 15 miles from home on the return trip.  The second flat for this bus due to a broken valve stem.  Not sure why this, somewhat rare, failure keeps arising, but I think I will go ahead and replace the two remaining original stems, just for good measure.

Assateague 2016 (1)

Storm front on the move! Luckily, the most intense section moved through to our south, but the system was none-the-less very impressive.

Assateague 2016 (2)

One of the beautiful consequences of a summer thunderstorm. I did not have a lens with a wide enough angle, but the double rainbow was fully visible over the dunes.

Assateague 2016 (3)

Dolphins, like the ponies, are regulars at the park, but we have never seen them so close to shore. This pod swam by, perhaps 30 yards from the beach.

Assateague 2016 (4)

The ponies came to see what was on the menu for lunch. Like camping in bear country, one must keep a clean and tidy camping area – no food left outside. These guys are known to open coolers, steal fruit from tables, and even tip back a few beers (we’ve seen the latter – kind of impressive!) These visitors chose to stop by while we ate and had no problems sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.

Assateague 2016 (5)Assateague 2016 (6)

Assateague 2016 (7)

Finally persuaded them to go eat on the dunes.

Assateague 2016 (8)

Moby in the fading afternoon light. As always, she was a great camping partner.

Assateague 2016 (9)

Sunset and the end of a great day on the beach

Assateague 2016 (10)

While biking around the campgrounds trying to hunt down (without success) a tan, late bay window seen cruising the main camping road, I discovered this 1972 tin-top camper, owned by RC. An artist friend of his is painting the mural, a work still in progress. RC did most of the body work himself with the help of his son Ian who owns a ’71 camper project. Seen here are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Assateague 2016 (11)

Assateague 2016 (12)

The passenger side has something to do with the Garden of Eden.

Assateague 2016 (13)

Martha is a big fan of the mural and now hints at “canvas” Moby.

Assateague 2016 (14)Assateague 2016 (15)

Assateague 2016 (16)

RC also came equipped with a 2003 Eurovan, weekender model. Very nice digs indeed.

Assateague 2016 (17)

RC introduced us to the 5 pennies in a plastic bag filled with an inch of water trick to keep out the flies. I will be anxious to try this out in the future, but supposedly the Assateague locals swear hanging these bags in a door/window will keep 99% of the flies out of house, barn, or camper.

Assateague 2016 (18)

We passed this bus advertising a local business on the side of the highway on our last trip, but I got a better picture of it this time.

Assateague 2016 (19)

If the only issue we suffer on any trip is a flat, I am not going to complain. 10 minutes later we were back on our way.

Assateague 2016 (20)

That’s me, doing my thing while traffic speeds past.


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