71 Super along the road – for sale

Martha discovered this beetle for sale after our trip to Assateague, but before leaving for North Carolina.  I did not get a chance to visit until today; luckily for me no one bought it while we were away.  The owner was not around so I could not investigate all the details for the bug.  Overall it looks like a great beetle, most likely repainted at some point, but the roof has some worn paint that does not conform to the condition of the paint on the rest of the car. It could be an older paint job or perhaps they only painted portions of the bug and matched the color really well. The interior appears to be solid, but the car was locked so I could not verify any reupholstering.  No major rust, at least on the body – unknown pan condition, but I would think they are in good shape or replaced based on the overall condition.  ~160,000 original miles (according to the sign).  Engine looks pretty original with a replacement carburetor.  All the work done to this bug is original fashion that makes it a good, solid original base for the new owner.  The only immediate work to be done looks to be the window seals, many of which are heavily cracked.  Right now, I fight the urge to call the owner and investigate more.  If I do, I fear I might end up a beetle owner.  Do I need a beetle?  Would it require another blog?  Bank account says no, but the heart…..

_DSC0076 copy

Eye-catcher for sure. The hubcaps are on the rear seat.

_DSC0075 copy

No chips in the front paint leads me to believe the front was repainted. They did a good job as there is no paint on the fender channel beads or rubber gaskets.


_DSC0081 copy

The overspray on the engine gasket and engine tin indicates a repainted rear. Oddly, they took the time to remove the gaskets, channel beads, and even protected the window gaskets, but did not mask the engine well.  Given how easy it is to drop a bug motor, I’m surprised they slacked on this detail.

_DSC0077 copy_DSC0074 copy_DSC0073 copy

_DSC0083 copy

The worn roof paint is odd as it does not jive with the condition of the rest of the paint. I doubt they only painted the sides of the bug, but you never know I guess.  Color is very well matched across the car, so I imagine the roof succumbed to some other issue.  Acidic rain doesn’t make sense as the horizontal portion of the hood looks great.  I’ve read that car covers can wear paint as the wind blows them around. Perhaps this was the culprit?



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