1969 Camper for sale ad

A few months ago, I came across an ad for a ’69 camper.  I see ads all the time, but what struck me about this one was the unique pop-top canvas replacement the owner installed.  Poor ventilation aside, it seemed like a pretty good idea for an inexpensive alternative.  The For Sale note gave me a chuckled too: “you have to love it more than I do!”  Well, obviously anyone wanting to buy this bus is going to have more commitment than the seller at this point 🙂


Overall looks to be in nice shape.


Coleman tent canvas replacement. I wonder if it was a two, three, or four person tent.


Missing the back bumper.


Rare pop-top indeed, but finding other ’69 campers isn’t too difficult. Wonder what the seller meant to say after “rear” – rear bumper in storage perhaps?


2 thoughts on “1969 Camper for sale ad

    • Wow, what a great way to explore Iceland! If you can’t do it in a classic VW camper, a California would make and excellent substitute for the VW enthusiast, but your other campers look like fun too. Thanks for the link; I put it under the rental links on my page. Thanks for the comment too!

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