Steely Van

We traveled north to visit Monica and her family in Philadelphia, Pa last month.  While there, we decided to tour Eastern State Penitentiary, an old prison built ca. 1820 that housed some very well-known criminals in its day (I fully recommend checking it out if you find yourself in Philly – great tour, great stories, great architecture).  On the drive over, my son yells out “Papa, do you see the bus?”  Turns out he was the only one who managed to identify the top corner of a bus peaking out from behind a parked truck.  Unfortunately, we were not able to stop and investigate why there was a bus parked up on the sidewalk at the time, but, as luck would have it, Monica’s brother ended up walking his commute that week.  He graciously agreed to stop and check out why the bus was parked up on the sidewalk in front of the National Museum of American Jewish History.

The bus is named Steely Van and advertises an exhibit at the museum called “Bill Graham and the Rock & Roll Revolution”, open to the public until January 16, 2017.  Bill Graham (1931-1991) was a Holocaust refugee and a major player in the music industry from the 1960’s to the 90’s.  Graham’s name was a staple within my world of music as a youngster and it is too bad that I do not think we will be able to make it back to see the exhibit.  Nevertheless, I thought I would share some pictures of Steely Van as he is a great looking late bay transporter.

(Photo credit: Mark – Thanks!)



Seems one of Steely’s hubcaps wandered off.



I had to include one of the gargoyles near the main entrance to Eastern State Penitentiary.

Also, a couple of VW sightings thanks to Monica.



According to Monica’s report, the owner of this vanagon (T3) was not looking for another VW, but the price was too good to pass up.


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