Old VW ads

Like a lot of VW enthusiasts, and some folks outside the VW community, I always enjoyed the advertisements VW produced during the 1960’s and `70’s.  The library at the college I attended had an extensive Life magazine collection and I spent a fair amount of time perusing through them in search of old Volkswagen ads.  I also picked up a few ads over the years at shows, not only single page advertisements but some of the booklets VW published as well.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this article on Adweek.com that highlights a brief documentary by Joe Marcantonio about the development of VW’s ad campaign.  Thought I would post it here for those interested in this aspect of VW history (click on the photo below).


Just click on the photo for the article on Adweek.com

Here is a link that goes straight to the documentary:


One of my favorites in my collection.


Of course, like all relics from history, these ads are a product of their time. After growing up in a much different age, I find it difficult to imagine a company coming out with this line of thought.


2 thoughts on “Old VW ads

  1. Thanks, a great reminder of some superb ads. While a lot of modern ads try to achieve the same simplicity few are successful.

    A key aspect for me though is how the VW ads gave the Beetle and Bus a personality. Now can you see today’s advertisers promoting an unfashionable product designed to be kept and cherished, rather than commoditised and replaced every year ?!

    • That is a point I never thought about before. I always assumed it was the drivers that gave the old VWs personalities, but the ads definitely project cars that have expectations and will return the care given them. No, I cannot imagine a modern ad doing the same. Everything is disposable these days, even if just the color goes out of fashion. Thanks for the comment!

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