Lego Beetle (kit #10252)

Following the success of their VW Bus kit, Lego came out with a new, updated version of the VW Beetle last year.  This kit is much improved over the first version produced some years ago because the new kit retains the curvy beetle shape, adds more details (such as windows), and includes a few accessories. A bit easier to put together than the bus, this kit lacks some of the details found in the bus kit (no pedals for example).  Still, this was a fun project for this VW enthusiast.

Martha gave me the beetle as an early, and wonderful, birthday present last fall and I built it with a lot of help from my 8-year old son.

orginal beetle 2

The original Lego Beetle kit #10187. No beetle curves or windows in this version.

lego bug (1)

Updated Lego Beetle. Unlike the bus kit, no model year is provided.

lego bug (2)

There are several options for license plates depending on country preference as well as a roof rack, surf board, and cooler.

lego bug (5)

Early stages of assembly.

lego bug (4)

Engine view.

lego bug (6)

The interior includes fold down front seats and an adjustable rear seat. The gas tank comes with the VW logo cap!

lego bug (7)

Beach towel sits nicely in the storage space behind the back seat.

lego bug (8)

All doors, engine lid, and trunk lid open.

lego bug (16)


lego bug (10)

lego bug (11)

The cooler contains a can of beer/soda?, some wine? bottles, and 4 ice cubes.

lego bug (13)

lego bug (12)

Spare tire included.

lego bug (9)

My help.




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