Great day for an oil change

Not that it really matters what the day was like.  It’s just good to be getting the hands a little greasy along with the arrival of spring weather.  Moby is almost back on the road! Just a few more items to tackle, most notably a problem with the back, right-side wheel hub.  Are they supposed to smoke? 😀

Draining the oil


One person’s treasure…

In my post the other day about a customized bug I saw for sale, Tom made a great comment that, when responding to, drew me into a new post.  His comment fits into a larger debate (Pandora’s Box?) about the value of classic cars in terms of the type of work done and how this work fits with the often-overused term, restored.  Note: the debate about the value of the bondo-filled, rust-bucket someone is trying to sell for $10,000 is an entirely different issue.

I know there are lots of opinions out there and that a definite answer does not exist, eye of the beholder and all, but I still enjoy listening to the various sides of this debate because I never fully made up my mind.  I do appreciate all-originals the most, but also really enjoy some of the unique twists that come out of customization.  However, in Continue reading

The love & hope VW bus (puzzle)

Every once in a while, Martha and I (sometimes with the kids), tackle a jigsaw puzzle.  Bus puzzles are, of course, my favorite but we always have quality family time no matter the theme.  This is our latest, a 1000-piece bus puzzle from Eurographics Puzzles entitled “The Love & Hope VW Bus” .  A part of the American Classic Series, this puzzle showcases a 1963 samba on the beach reminiscent of the 1960’s.

love and hope bus

VW Bus key holders

With the holidays now behind us and my computer troubles (I swear this thing is more finicky than a VW!) now resolved, I hope to get back to posting a little more often.  Got some great stuff to catch up on and some winter bus projects in the making plus some good travels on the horizon.  But for now, I will start off with a shout out to my daughter, who knows exactly what to get her father for Christmas – official VW key covers!  I only have one question:  Why are they titled T1?  Should they not be T2?  In any case, they are pretty cool!

Key covers (1)

Perfect fit for my work keys.

Key covers (2)

Backside. The key slips into the top and the key ring clips through the tab at the top. Not sure how well the tab will hold up over time, but I’m 4-weeks in and all is well.

Lego Beetle (kit #10252)

Following the success of their VW Bus kit, Lego came out with a new, updated version of the VW Beetle last year.  This kit is much improved over the first version produced some years ago because the new kit retains the curvy beetle shape, adds more details (such as windows), and includes a few accessories. A bit easier to put together than the bus, this Continue reading

Roadside emergencies (Flat tire)

In June of 2014, Moby developed a flat front tire on the driver side while en route to to Maryland.  The cause, as it turned out, was a faulty valve stem that cracked where it passed through the tire rim.  Then last summer, on the way home from Assateague, MD, the front passenger tire lost its air less than 15 miles from home on our return journey.  The cause?  Again, a faulty valve stem that broke in the same place as the first.  I never encountered valve stem failure before, not even heard of it in fact, but I certainly understand that all parts fail sometimes, even those that seem to encounter so little stress.  The first flat I chalked up to this type of failure; just a possible defect in the part, perhaps something struck the valve, or I was a little overzealous in cleaning around it when washing the bus.  But to have two fail on the same vehicle?  That seemed a bit odd.

The guy at the tire shop informed me that in many cases, when new tires are installed, the stems never get changed and eventually succumb to dry rot.  It is possible that this Continue reading