Hitting the road in 2017

A few weeks ago, before spring blossomed across Virginia, we took advantage of some free time during the weekend and hit the road in Moby.  Not a major trip, just really an excuse to get in the bus and go, we headed out for a family lunch in Culpeper, Virginia.  The day was a bit on the cloudy side, but it was good to be bussin’ again after the winter break.  We also took advantage of the drive to have some fun with a GoPro camera Martha gave me for Christmas.  Now, after a few weeks of learning (and some procrastination), I present my first video project and, hopefully, begin a new presentation format for this blog.

Getting away once more to Assateague Island, Maryland

The last few months turned out fairly crazy with many things on the to-do list (both fun and otherwise).  To top off the busy schedule, my laptop once again died. Although I lost no data or pictures this time, I am still incredibly surprised at the amount of time it takes to bring a new beast online and make it functional with all the software and such.   With that thankless task in progress numerous posts in waiting began to pile up.  To catch up with these, I will begin with last week’s adventures to Assateague Island State Park located within the state of Maryland.

Every few years a group of our friends manages to coordinate a joint trip to this coastal location and this summer, we made our Continue reading

Sperryville Virginia

Mid-May and June proved an extraordinarily busy period that resulted in a month long, unplanned hibernation for Moby.  Every time I stepped in the garage over the past several weeks, part of me wanted to drop everything, shed the chores of daily life and saunter off behind the wheel, even if only for a few hours.  However, with the end of school and the fact that we are in the middle of some intense home renovations on which progress must be made, the freedom to indulge myself was not at hand.  Last weekend, when Martha asked if there was anything special I wanted to do the following day to celebrate Father’s Day part of my decision came without hesitation; I wanted to get Moby out on the road.  But where to go? Continue reading

Dubs in the Shrubs (VW show)

Last weekend, we pulled Moby out of winter hibernation and without so much as a warm up drive, took off on a four-hour cruise to Yardville, New Jersey to attend Dubs in the Shrubs, a VW campout and show hosted by Old School Euros CC.  The day was gorgeous, 80 degrees (F) and sunny, perfect for a long drive in a wonderful machine missed very much over winter.  So perfect was the day, that everyone else decided to stay home and get some spring yard work out of the way thereby leaving the roads open for us to sit back and enjoy Continue reading

Road Trip!


Zzyzx Road, Mojave Desert, California USA Taken on my cross-country trip in 1996


For the many bus owners I met over the years, one memory always seems to stand out above the rest – the adventure of a long trip on the open road.  Some trips last a couple of weeks, others months or even longer, a few have a purpose or goal and some do not, and while some are national many cross national borders and even oceans.  Whatever the reason, destinations, sights seen, and miles crossed, I never met a person (driving a bus or not) who did not find their perspective on life changed by such a trip.  Because of my own personal experiences of driving across my own country, I readily recommend such odysseys to those so inclined.  In fact, I fully intend to share this type of expedition with my family and Moby in the future.