Bus sighting – Early bay window

Martha sent me this picture of an early bay that passed her during her drive home from work.  Looks to have have the early moon hubcaps, so pre ’71.

early bay


VW sighting- hightop

Today’s activities including visiting our county’s fine arts festival.  The first day to hit a high of 80 degrees F, it was no wonder we encountered many motorcycles and old cars out on the road.  The road upon which we headed home after the festival traveled under the main highway before meeting the entrance ramp.  The ramp followed an incline up to meet the highway and as we progressed up the hill, I noticed the distinctive hightop of a VW bus.  Martha (who was driving at the time) did an excellent job of maneuvering into position for a few pictures.  Turns out to be an interesting bus.  It is an early bay (68-70 based on the hubcap and side reflector styles) hightop camper – at least at first glance.  The chrome trim on around the middle screams deluxe transporter.  Upon further investigation of my pictures, I could not find the electrical hookup connection typical of VW campers.  After a quick search of internet photos showed every hightop camper to have the hookup (and no chrome trim), I am thinking this is a DIY deluxe sunroof to hightop conversion.

hightop (1)

I’m digging the flowers 🙂

hightop (2)

No sign of the electrical hookups on the driver side.  The caution signs surrounding the phrase “Slow moving vehicle”.

hightop (3)

Parting shot

Steely Van

We traveled north to visit Monica and her family in Philadelphia, Pa last month.  While there, we decided to tour Eastern State Penitentiary, an old prison built ca. 1820 that housed some very well-known criminals in its day (I fully recommend checking it out if you find yourself in Philly – great tour, great stories, great architecture).  On the drive over, my son yells out “Papa, do you see the bus?”  Turns out he was the only one who managed to identify the top corner of a bus peaking out from behind a parked truck.  Unfortunately, we were not able to stop and investigate why there was a bus parked up on the sidewalk at the time, but, as luck would have it, Monica’s brother ended up walking his commute that week.  He graciously agreed to stop and check out why the bus was parked up on the sidewalk in front of the National Museum of American Jewish History. Continue reading

VWs sightings!

Alas, not by me.  The following beautiful examples of classic dubs were relayed to me from New Jersey.  Thanks Tom.

Lowered Thing found in Maryland.  Lowering a Things seems counterproductive to me, but to each his own,

Lowered Thing found in Maryland. Lowering a Things seems counterproductive to me, but to each his own,

'65-67 split sneaking up from behind in NJ.

’65-67 split sneaking up from behind in NJ.

VW show in Flanders NJ.  Really wish I could have made that one!

All Air-cooled Gathering VW show in Flanders NJ. This year’s theme was Things. Really wish I could have made that one!

Tom is currently busless, which might explain this shot from the Flanders show.  But then again, I think owning a bus (or several) probably wouldn't have changed this.

Tom is currently busless, which might explain this shot from the Flanders show. But then again, I think owning a bus (or several) probably wouldn’t have changed this.

Stalking a bus (not in the creepy way)

While driving down our local road on my way to work one day, a few months after we became a bus family again, I noticed the distinctive bumper and tail-lights of a bus peeking out from under the partially raised garage door of a home uphill from the highway.  I wondered why I had not noticed its presence before as I pass by this house at least twice a day during my commute or any other sojourn towards civilization, but I guess acquiring a bus activated my long dormant bus-radar.  Since that time, Continue reading

Soccer bus

We pass this bus somewhat frequently on our travels up to Northern Virginia.  This most interesting “billboard” for a soccer academy sits in a gas station parking lot alongside of RT 123, just northwest of RT 95 (or at least it was still there a few months ago).  It took us a while to remember to take a picture last winter, and obviously, a bit longer for me to remember to share here.  I have no idea if she drives or not (the lack of inspection sticker and license plate indicate no), but she obviously looks well taken care of on the outside (with the minor exception of the missing front grill). photo

Buses in Paradise (Hawaii)

Whoa!  Where did the time go? Seems I have been a little lax in maintaining this blog lately.  Very few projects relating to Moby were undertaken this summer, in fact it was a rather slow season for bus adventures in general.  No one informed me that having kids or owning a home would be so time consuming, and I found myself spending many hours trying to keep the house looking nice and in one piece during the last few months instead of having fun in, under, and around the bus.  This winter I get to play catch up here and reduce the multitude of posts in the draft stage.  We will see how long it lasts!

And so I will start with our family vacation last summer.  In lieu of a trip in Moby this year, Continue reading