At the end of the rainbow

Well, almost.  With today’s windy, cold weather, my thoughts turned to warmer, VW-friendly temperatures so I am sharing a friend’s photo of Moby on Assateague Island, MD last summer.



Getting away once more to Assateague Island, Maryland

The last few months turned out fairly crazy with many things on the to-do list (both fun and otherwise).  To top off the busy schedule, my laptop once again died. Although I lost no data or pictures this time, I am still incredibly surprised at the amount of time it takes to bring a new beast online and make it functional with all the software and such.   With that thankless task in progress numerous posts in waiting began to pile up.  To catch up with these, I will begin with last week’s adventures to Assateague Island State Park located within the state of Maryland.

Every few years a group of our friends manages to coordinate a joint trip to this coastal location and this summer, we made our Continue reading

A return to Assateague Island

Two years ago, our first significant trip with Moby took us to a barrier island off the Maryland coast called Assateague.  Both the state and national seashores are kept in a natural state and lack the development infringing on many Mid-Atlantic beaches.  Indeed, the absence of crowds, boardwalks, noisy attractions and amusements, and busy, bustling towns is a key attraction to Assateague Island.   Sitting on the quiet, open beaches, it is easy to imagine times long since passed, and the night sky holds spectacular star-filled views of the Milky Way, passing satellites, and, if lucky, a Continue reading