Old VW ads

Like a lot of VW enthusiasts, and some folks outside the VW community, I always enjoyed the advertisements VW produced during the 1960’s and `70’s.  The library at the college I attended had an extensive Life magazine collection and I spent a fair amount of time perusing through them in search of old Volkswagen ads.  I also picked up a few ads over the years at shows, not only single page advertisements but some of the booklets VW published as well.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this article on Adweek.com that highlights a brief Continue reading


1972 Super Beetle Convertible

Over the years, Tom and I spent a lot of time cruising in, wrenching on, camping in, or just admiring VWs. I can no longer pin a number on the hours he spent helping me rebuild engines; change parts; celebrate victories, however minor; and troubleshoot glitches. With all of our VW adventures it comes as no surprise that, at one point, we began a joint project of restoring a beetle.  Ultimately, this project kept finding its way to the back-burner as more pressing issues consumed time and money, but I am happy to say that we held on to our car that, once again, plies the roads in search of fun – or, perhaps a few errands too.

Back in 1991 (and my memory may be a little fuzzy on the exact details), Tom told me that his wife knew of a 1972 Super Beetle convertible whose owner might be willing to sell.  I know Tom appreciated convertibles (at one point he owned an MG), and they always Continue reading