Hitting the road in 2017

A few weeks ago, before spring blossomed across Virginia, we took advantage of some free time during the weekend and hit the road in Moby.  Not a major trip, just really an excuse to get in the bus and go, we headed out for a family lunch in Culpeper, Virginia.  The day was a bit on the cloudy side, but it was good to be bussin’ again after the winter break.  We also took advantage of the drive to have some fun with a GoPro camera Martha gave me for Christmas.  Now, after a few weeks of learning (and some procrastination), I present my first video project and, hopefully, begin a new presentation format for this blog.

Old VW ads

Like a lot of VW enthusiasts, and some folks outside the VW community, I always enjoyed the advertisements VW produced during the 1960’s and `70’s.  The library at the college I attended had an extensive Life magazine collection and I spent a fair amount of time perusing through them in search of old Volkswagen ads.  I also picked up a few ads over the years at shows, not only single page advertisements but some of the booklets VW published as well.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this article on Adweek.com that highlights a brief Continue reading

Stalking a bus (not in the creepy way)

While driving down our local road on my way to work one day, a few months after we became a bus family again, I noticed the distinctive bumper and tail-lights of a bus peeking out from under the partially raised garage door of a home uphill from the highway.  I wondered why I had not noticed its presence before as I pass by this house at least twice a day during my commute or any other sojourn towards civilization, but I guess acquiring a bus activated my long dormant bus-radar.  Since that time, Continue reading